We are sadly letting go of our best little buddy. Axle is a neutered friendly yorkie with oodles of personality. He has been in the show ring and evan shown by a 5 year old girl. He was raised with my kids and loves all people. He loves fetch and is a very active boy. We will not let axle go to anyone , on our list is the need for a fenced back yard as well as adequate time spent with him. He came everywhere with us and we hope his new family will take him to the lake and for lots of walks to. My kids are all very sad but for our kennel it is the wisest choice right now. Axle is kennel trained at night and runs the house and the fenced back yard during the day. He loves his chewing dog treats and has immaculate teeth. Axle is in a cute puppy cut right now but some of the pics are of when I had his hair grown and he is a perfect yorkie silk!! Please call me as I don't check email frequently. We are asking $300 to hold him since we know there are a few families that will want a yorkie buddy like axle out there. Axle is neutered and up to date on rabies porvo and deworming.